The big thing in the tech world this week is the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taking place in Las Vegas. It’s the place to see the next big thing in tech: from 8K televisions to networked coffee pots to devices that monitor the environment in your home to applications that make it easier to find a ride or share your home. Some of it may seem futuristic or like it doesn’t quite go together (a Wi-Fi enabled coffee pot?!) but consider this: the Amiga home computer was debuted here in 1984. The innovations we see here become parts of our homes and our lives, making us safer and healthier, helping our kids learn and making our lives better.

The common theme uniting many of these innovations now, is their reliance on broadband networks. Access to abundant, reasonably-priced broadband is no longer just “nice to have.” Communities have an interest in promoting broadband as a platform to stimulate economic growth, spur job creation and boost their residents’ capabilities in education, health care, economic opportunity, energy, government performance, civic engagement and public safety.

That’s the common theme that unites the broad range of organizations, companies, communities, public sector institutions and private citizens that make up CLIC. Our members include Netflix, Google, Microsoft, the Telecommunications Industry Association, the American Public Power Association, the Utilities Telecom Council, the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors, Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Center for Rural Strategies, National Writers Union, the Wisconsin Business Alliance, the Georgia Municipal Association, and numerous communities – 225 members and growing.

Our members are united by a common purpose: let communities do what they need to do to get broadband for their residents.

Also today, CLIC announced the addition of Rony Kahan, co-founder and Chairman of Indeed.com to its Board of Advisors. Indeed.com is the leading job site in the world with over 100 million monthly unique visitors. Mr. Kahan joins 12 other business, policy and technical leaders on the Board and we are so grateful for his expertise.Indeed.com logo