CLIC Commends Outgoing FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler for his Unwavering Support for Local Internet Choice

On the day that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced his resignation from the Commission, the Coalition for Local Internet Choice thanks him for his unwavering support for local Internet choice and for his efforts to remove barriers that prevent rural, urban, and tribal communities from enabling new broadband deployment. As FCC Chairman, Mr. Wheeler gave voice and support to the principle that all communities deserve access to modern broadband infrastructure, which is essential for 21st Century economic competitiveness, educational opportunity, democratic discourse, and quality of life. Mr. Wheeler was a hero in the FCC’s effort to enable localities in the states of North Carolina and Tennessee to serve their rural neighbors with state-of-the-art fiber networks. We honor him for his years of leadership on behalf of the principle that America is built on great local communities and that local broadband initiatives have an essential role to play in removing our country’s urban-rural broadband divide.