CLIC Webinar Features Public Fiber with Private Operations

On May 12, CLIC presented its latest webinar on the hot topic of Public Fiber with Private Operations — Can the Huntsville/Google Fiber Partnerships & Similar Projects be Replicated? Huntsville, AL is the latest of a series of cities that have developed a public-private partnership that will bring Gigabit fiber to their communities. In each of these deployments, the local community builds and owns the fiber network and a private provider lights and operates the fiber to bring competitive services to all local businesses and residents. In this webinar, three community leaders: J Guevara, Santa Cruz Economic Development Manager from Santa Cruz, California, Jay Stowe, General Manager from Huntsville Utilities, Huntsville, Alabama, and Robert Wack, City Council President, Westminster, Maryland, described how and why they developed their partnership models and identified the right private partner for their needs. The discussion included how they financed these networks, and whether they experienced any incumbent push-back. For more information, listen here to an archive of the webinar session, and join CLIC if you are not a member (it’s free) to learn about more events of this caliber.