ISPs Support Local Internet Choice

Multicolored - Ethernet fibers photo

What do GOOGLE, Ting Internet, Ting Wireless, Allied Fiber, Forethought, Great Works Internet, Hiawatha Broadband, ITV-3, LastMile Broadband, LLC, MetroNet, OneCommunity, PEG Bandwidth, and Xmission have in common? They are all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who support the position that local communities deserve the right to decide their own broadband futures, in whatever shape or color that takes. CLIC celebrates these and the dozens of other private sector companies who have joined our membership in support of Local Internet Choice, because this is an issue about deploying the type of Gigabit infrastructure our country needs to remain competitive in this global knowledge economy. And because state laws that restrict all options being on the table stymie private sector development, economic development and our competitive future.