CLIC-NC supports the three central pillars of CLIC: That the Internet is essential 21st century infrastructure, that  local communities are the  lifeblood of America, and that local communities must be able to make their own broadband choices.

These principles are particularly critical in North Carolina, where half of the population live in rural areas, because of the deepening urban-rural digital divide. The FCC has noted that 53% of rural households (compared to just 8% of urban households) lack access to the level of broadband service necessary to participate in modern life (25Mbps/3Mbps). North Carolina is quickly reflecting a trend toward Gigabit urban centers and non-Gigabit rural areas—a trend that could have significant economic consequences for the have-nots.

CLIC-NC members are coming together in the belief that everyone in the state should have access to modern broadband. We hope to educate residents and policy-makers, and assemble data useful to a discussion on how we all can move forward together. If you live, work, or even just vacation in North Carolina, please join us. Sign up as a member of CLIC, and we’ll add you to our North Carolina discussion.