P3 Resources

CLIC’s P3 Documents Library is a compilation of relevant documents submitted over the last few years by a range of organizations.  Documents included in the Library are intended to add to the body of knowledge about broadband public-private partnerships but are not necessarily endorsed by CLIC and may or may not reflect the views of the organization. 



City of Huntsville, Alabama

City of Santa Cruz, California

Town of Breckenridge, Colorado

Town of Fort Morgan, Colorado

City of Ammon, Idaho

Charles County, Maryland

Garrett County, Maryland

City of Westminster, Maryland

Town of Leverett, Massachusetts

City of Lincoln, Nebraska

Town of Chesterfield, New Hampshire

Town of Dublin, New Hampshire

Gloucester County, Virginia

Research Valley Partnership (Texas)

Research Valley Partnership RFI – Development of Next Generation Broadband Network (Nov 2013)

City of Tacoma, Washington

CLICK!/Rainier Connect Public Private Partnership Term Sheet (March 4 2019)

City of Tacoma Transfer of Ownership Agreement from CLICK! to Marshall Inc (2019)