CLIC Strongly Rebukes FCC BDAC Process and Outcome

Dramatically Undercuts Local Governments Ability to Improve and Accelerate National Broadband Access

In a strongly worded letter submitted on April 12, 2018, CLIC has communicated to the FCC its deep concerns regarding the selection process and associated restrictive outcomes of its Broadband Deployment Advisory Council (BDAC). As CLIC states: “The Commission’s startling failure to include adequate local government representation in the BDAC process… has unsurprisingly resulted in BDAC recommendations that would undercut the important potential of local governments to help improve and accelerate broadband access and availability throughout the nation.”  CLIC’s letter details the failings of the BDAC member selection process and sets forth eight specific concerns with Article 12 of BDAC draft model state code. Our full letter can be found here.