Start 2021 by Listening to CLIC’s Broadband Partnership Conversation #2: Identifying and Selecting Your Broadband Partner

The second conversation in CLIC’s Broadband supersession series deals with “Identifying and Selecting Your Broadband Partner.” As COVID continues to disrupt school and work, local communities are stepping up to catalyze the deployment of this critical infrastructure, often with private partners. To learn how other communities are approaching this task, we invite you to watch, or simply listen to, the second of our highly regarded supersessions from the Broadband Communities conference, moderated by Catharine Rice, CLIC Project Director, on September 22.

Catharine interviews representatives from three different companies involved in broadband partnerships around the country and one local community: Google Fiber (David Finn), TING (Monica Webb), C-Spire (Ben Moncrief) , and the City of Fresno, California (Byron Horn). She asks them to describe their company and their role at their company, one of their favorite broadband partnerships and why that is their favorite, and what their local community partner did to make that partnership happen and endure.

Supersession 2 can be watched here, downloaded here, or just listened to here.