In a Partisan Era, Local Broadband Transcends Partisanship: Join CLIC in Austin April 8

Join us April 8th in Austin for CLIC’s half day strategy session that includes an in-depth discussion on how partisanship seems to disappear at the local level when building broadband infrastructure.

During our half day focus detailing An Action Plan for Local Internet Choice in 2019 and Beyond, we will first widen the lens to federal and state policy levels, where partisanship seems stark, as we uncover legislation and regulations that could help or hurt local broadband choice. We will hear from Netflix on why local internet choice matters to their disruptive company, and the day then finishes by narrowing the lens to the local level.

From 4:30-5:30 p.m., “In a Partisan Era, Local Broadband Transcends Partisanship” will feature community broadband experts including Will Aycock, General Manager for Wilson Greenlight; Bill Vallee, State Broadband Policy Coordinator for Connecticut; Nathan Watkins, City Manager and Dwight Thomas, Director of IT and Broadband, Mont Belvieu, Texas, who will tell us their stories on what it took to build this critical infrastructure in their communities. Hear the refreshing stories on how local businesses and residents came together with a common cause. Hear the challenges they faced; but how they overcame them.

CLIC members can attend our April 8 event and all three days of the BBC “Putting Your Gigs to Work” conference at a deeply discounted rate, by registering here by March 29 and using the code CLIC410. Or become a CLIC member. It’s free!