Join CLIC in Austin April 8 to Discuss Our Action Plan for Local Internet Choice for 2019 and Beyond

Join us on April 8 in Austin as CLIC hosts a half day session on An Action Plan for Local Internet Choice in 2019 and Beyond. CLIC panel discussions will include strategic policy discussions at the federal and state levels, featuring national experts, Angelina Panettieri, Principal Associate, Technology and Communications, for the National League of Cities; Nancy Werner, General Counsel of the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors; and Deb Socia, Executive Director, Next Century Cities.

Panettieri, Werner, and Socia will join CLIC officers Jim Baller & Joanne Hovis for a focused discussion on Washington 2019: Challenges & Opportunities for the Local Broadband Future. Recent conversations emerging from Washington reaffirm what the CLIC community has always known: the opportunities and challenges of local broadband exceed geographic boundaries. We’ll review the impact of a new Congress and the Trump administration placing local broadband under the national spotlight, whether new local network options are available as the USDA rolls out its new $600 million in rural broadband funds, and whether the FCC will continue to intrude upon traditional local powers. Our state and local panel speakers can be found here.

CLIC Members can attend our April 8 event and all three days of the BBC “Putting Your Gigs to Work” conference at a deeply discounted rate, by registering here and using the code CLIC410. Or become a CLIC member. It’s free!